The main objective of the project is to promote the idea of formal and non-formal adult education really inclusive and accessible to all and of an adult education free from discriminatory contents.
While numerous courses on discrimination awareness are already organized in Europe, we are not aware of specific courses aimed at aversive discrimination in an intersectional perspective (being a woman and a lesbian, being a man belonging to an ethnic minority and having a disability, etc;).
The Partners have identified in their daily experience, numerous hints which tell them that a real inclusive approach is still far to be reached in many learning paths. Therefore they intend to address aversive discrimination in adult learning.

The aim is to offer a course that can help professionals working in adult education and training to better understand issues related to disabilities, gender issues and sexual orientation. As a consequence they will become able of planning and conducting learning and training activities really inclusive.
Participants at the end of the course will be able, for example, to establish that disability means more than physical, sensory or learning impairments, identify the issues and possible solutions so that people with disabilities, women, homosexuals are not discriminated against in the learning setting, improve contact with people with disabilities, highlight good and poor practices in relation to inclusion, understand how women coming from different countries may have different beliefs and expectations in relation to gender issues, identify aversive homophobia, etc..